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Thank you for visiting our newly created wedding photography site featuring the BEST Temecula wedding photography from the BEST wedding photographers in Temecula. In the coming months we will be going over a number of topics related to wedding photography in Temecula and showcasing amazing Temecula Wedding Photos in local Temecula Winery Weddings.

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Temecula is an amazing and emerging city with well over 30 wineries. Each of those wineries are putting on weddings on any given day in the Temecula Valley Wine Country. Some of them doing multiple weddings in one day! With so many weddings happening in the Temecula are it is no surprise that the demand for Wedding Photographers in Temecula is VERY high!  Its safe to say that every weekend in Temecula there are somewhere around 250+ weddings taking place. Each in their own amazing setting and each of them requiring the skill of the best wedding professionals that Temecula, San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County have to offer.  And while bringing in a pro from outside the area is always an option…. what better way to capture amazing wedding photos than to hire a local wedding photographer or industry professional that knows the area and has worked at a particular wedding venue in the past!?  A wedding photographer with years of experience and solid relationships with other top wedding vendors in Temecula Wine Country.

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Inner Song Photography –

For our first wedding professional spotlight we would like to turn you on to today is a husband and wife wedding photography team based out of the Temecula area that has been photographing amazingness in the Temecula Wine Country for 8 years now, Inner Song Photography!

Inner Song specializes in candid and “in the moment” style photography! An approach that is becoming more and more popular as couple today are moving away from cheezy posed photography and in strive for authentic moments… the kind of stuff that cant be repeated. While this style of photography is not for everyone, we can tell you without a doubt that Jessica and Justin Martens are of the best wedding photographers doing it!  Just a quick visit to Inner Songs Wedding Photography blog and you will see that these two are not only good… but they are GREAT at what they do. There is an undeniable level of authenticity to the photos they take and it can all be traced back to their laid back “let it happen” approach that when couple up with they many years in the wedding photography game and well over 300 weddings photographed, allows them to grab the candid and naturally occurring moments that other wedding photographers would miss. Anticipating the moments to come and  positioning themselves to capture those moments is their specialty. After 8 years of photographing weddings together, Jess and Just can with glance or a nod see what they other is up to and perfectly back the other up and compliment the photos the other is taking which gives their brides and grooms a level of coverage and killer photo angles unmatched in this industry.


So for all the reasons above in this first spotlight of wedding photographers in Temecula, we choose Inner Song!!  But dont just take my word for it, hit up their Temecula Wedding Photography YELP review page and see what past brides and grooms are saying about these guys. Cause its more than just amazing Temecula Wedding Photos that set them apart, its the service and experience they provide to their couples on their big day that make em AMAZING!! Take a look for yourself and you will quickly agree that for in the moment style photography, these two Temecula Wedding Photographers are on a whole different level.


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